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2 Year Money Back Guarantee

Protect and Preserve Your Property!

$495 inc GST

* Inspection of your entire building to identify and repair all possum entry points.
* Installation of one-way doors for humane possum exit

* Return visit to remove doors and seal final entry points.
* 2-year money-back guarantee across the entire building.
* Provide a free onsite quote if works exceed $495 inc GST

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Maybe it’s Rodents or birds? No Problem.

We are licensed pest managers so we will identify the problem animal and provide a suitable solution guaranteed.

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Client Reviews

Amazing service. Worked with us to close up some possum entrance holes into roof and set up rat traps in roof. Also helped close a... read more

Tim Avatar

Look no further! These are the guys to get to fix your possum problems. They just did what was asked - without any... read more

Suzannah Avatar

Dexter was really professional when working to eliminate possums from our roof cavity. Would highly recommend him as a representative of this business. He... read more

Mary Avatar

Honestly I thought we were always going to have a problem because our previous company we used couldn't seem to resolve the possum issue over... read more

Cally Avatar

Throw away all other phone numbers you have for possum removal, you only need one,1800possums....Just had Luke (THE man) rid my home of possums and... read more

Jenny Avatar

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Our goal is to protect and preserve your property by removing animals and repairing your building to ensure no further damage can be caused!

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2. Possum proofing Guaranteed 2 Years! Not just possum removal. We provide a full service with repairs, removal, and the strongest warranty in the industry. We cover your entire building top to bottom, unlimited visits backed by a team of possum people. Money-back for 2 years! (Some companies only cover their repairs this can cost you more for further visits due to re-entry).  

3. WE AVOID TRAPS! Trapping possums is painful for everyone, a possum remains trapped overnight frantically banging its way around in the trap, keeping you awake trap trying to escape until morning or when someone returns to release the possum (Potentially days). Possums should be released at night by law, this enables them to find a new home at their natural nocturnal hours. Make sure your possum person is following the law and making sure you and the possums are stress-free through the process.  

4. NO UNNECESSARY FEES! We provide a fixed price quote for possum removal and proofing. If for any reason the job exceeds our standard quote we provide a free onsite quote with no cost or obligation to you. It’s a fair black and white way of quoting as every house is different yet we aim to get the job done on our first visit.  

5. NO TIME WASTED! If you can allow us access around the outside of the house and into your back yard, we can get the job started as soon as the day of booking. We do all possum proofing and possum removal work from outside your building by establishing entry points, installing one-way doors, and sealing anything that could cause re-entry.  

6. SAFE AS HOUSES – Our whole team is trained at working at heights. Correct safety and ability allow us to take on the biggest of jobs. We have Possum Proofed, churches, Bunnings stores, and many schools. We work for over 100 real estate and body corporate companies. No job to big.  

7. LICENSED PEST MANAGERS – It’s common to mistake the sound of rodents for possums. An untrained pest manager will commonly carry out a rodent treatment and cause the unfortunate death of a possum, this can create a bigger issue than the living one with the smell overpowering tenants for over a month. Possums often die in hard or impossible to reach places like wall cavities. Call us for ANY noises in your roof and have it fixed right, we’re licensed and ready! 

For More Information on all our services and warranties visit warranty and services info page here www.1800possums.com.au

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